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Elixir: Happy Developers & Scaleable Backends

Devworld 2024

According to the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Elixir is the second most loved programming language, and its web framework Phoenix takes the number one spot in most loved frameworks. Not only is Elixir a joy to work with, it is also an excellent choice for highly scaleable and fault-tolerant backend systems and is an important part of successful tech companies such as Discord and Podium

This talk will highlight the main ways in which Elixir differs from other commonly used backend languages like JavaScript or Ruby. Then, it will give developers from other languages an introduction into OTP, the underlying framework that makes it almost trivial to build concurrent and highly fault-tolerant systems in Elixir (and Erlang). Lastly, I'll highlight some of the specific ways in which Elixir and Phoenix have allowed CodeSandbox to grow and move quickly with a very small team of backend developers.

The overall aim of this talk is to introduce otherwise experienced developers to a language and ecosystem they are not yet familiar with, and hopefully inspire them to give Elixir and Phoenix a try for their next project.

Recording & Slides

Video currently unavailable.

Download the slides here.